Hartford Parish Council

Serving the people of Hartford

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Hartford PC: The Clerk

Who we are & what we do

Hartford Parish Council is a civil local authority, being the first tier of local government. We are an elected corporate body whose Councillors are elected to serve for four years.

Parish Councils are non-political and not linked to any other organisation.

Hartford Parish Council has ten Councillors, all of whom are volunteers and do not receive any payment for their services.

The activities of Hartford Parish Council fall into three main categories:

  • Representing the local community;
  • Delivering services to meet local needs;
  • Improving quality of life and community well-being.

The Parish Council's responsibilities include parks and open spaces, sports facilities, public halls, and allotments.

Meetings of the Parish Council are held on the second Monday of every month (with the exception of August when there is no scheduled meeting) at Hartford Village Hall. The Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council are held at Hartford Village Hall in May.

The Council employees 2 part time employees, a Clerk to Council & Responsible Financial Officer for 20 hours per week and Vikki Herbert (Village Hall Administrator) for 5 hours per week.


Committees and meetings

Standing orders are the written rules of a local council. They are used to confirm a council's internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings. They are not the same as the policies of a council but they may refer to them. A local council must have standing orders for the procurement of contracts.

Our committees have specific tasks and can have delegated powers.