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All of our documents are stored in our Document library, which is open for you to view. You can search for a document by name or by the 'keyword' which has been assigned to the document (e.g. newsletters, minutes, etc.)

The best way to search is to look at the list of keywords from the list in the second column (it normally shows 'All') and click on the Filter button - this will filter the list of documents to only show those that match that keyword. If you still get a long list of entries, you can add a more specific filter by typing in a search term (e.g. 'April') to see only the document for April. You can also select to display the list sorted by Title or date published ('Latest' or 'Oldest')

On the Agenda and Minutes page, we have provided links to the agenda and minutes for our meetings. The agenda and minutes for specific meetings can also be found from a link on the entry in the Meetings Calendar.

Note that you can search through the contents of documents in the library using the search box (showing 'enter keyword' at the top right hand side of the screen - just under the Hartford logo).