Hartford Parish Council

Serving the people of Hartford

Marshalls Arm

Hartford PC: The Clerk

Committees & Working Groups

Committees & Working Groups 2018

Membership updated 8th May 2018

Full Council

Cllr Herbert (Chair), Cllrs Hollens (Vice Chair), Jones, Llewellyn, Kaur, Farrell, Lamb, Loftus, Dickerson, Butters

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Cllr Rita Hollens (Chair), Cllr Martin Jones (Vice-Chair), Cllrs, Phil Herbert, Martin Loftus, Martin Llewellyn

Human Resources Committee

Cllr Llewellyn (Chair), Cllrs Hollens, Dickerson, Jones, Loftus

Publicity & Events Group

Cllrs Herbert & Farrell

Allotment Working Group

Cllr Farrell

Planning Working Group

Cllrs Llewellyn, Jones, Hollens, Herbert & Farrell

Hartford News Working Group

Cllr Llewellyn

Speed Watch Working Group

Cllrs Herbert & Loftus

Business Plan Working Group

Cllrs Hollens & Jones -completed

Gardens Working Group

Cllr Hollens

* Hartford Village Hall Management Committee

* This is not a Parish Council Committee however representatives of the Council are members of the Committee and Hartford Parish Council employs the Village Hall Administrator.

Rita Hollens (Chair), Tom Dickerson, Martin Llewellyn

Village Hall Administrator: Vikky Herbert