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Cllr Rita Hollens

Cllr Rita Hollens

Vice Chair

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  • Full Council
  • Finance and General Purposes Committee (Chair)
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Planning Working Group
  • Business Plan Working Group
  • Gardens Working Group
  • Chair of Hartford Village Hall Management Committee (this is not a Parish Council Committee and operates under its own constitution)

I originate from London but have lived in Cheshire since 1962 when my husband Robert and I moved to Little Leigh where we lived until moving to Hartford in 1999.

My working life began at the London Stock Exchange but after moving to Cheshire and having a daughter and two sons I embarked on a new career in pre school education and then specialising working with children with special needs.

Turning full circle in 1979 I gained a position with Vale Royal Borough Council at Whitehall in the housing department firstly in welfare and graduating to Community Care Manager for the whole of the Borough working with older people and people of all ages with disabilities.

I completed 20years in community work with Vale Royal Borough Council and my experience and desire to continue to work in the community led me to become a Parish Councillor in 2000.

Since then I have been a Councillor of Hartford Parish Council, ten of which I was Chair.

I have a genuine interest in Hartford as a nice place to live and the community that make up the village which spearheaded me into taking a key role in the Joint Action Group and the Hartford Neighbourhood Plan in an effort to secure the future sustainability of the village for the next generation.

The Village Hall is an important asset of the Parish Council and as Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee I represent the Council in promoting this facility for community use in all areas of social, educational and environmental use.

I feel very privileged to be part of a team of Councillors who appreciate the community's aspirations and work, sometimes against the odds, in an effort to protect the environment and to achieve benefits for residents ensuring that Hartford continues to be a nice place to live.

Outside the Parish Council I am a Trustee of Age UK Cheshire and a Governor at Hartford Manor Community Primary School with special responsibilities for Special Needs.

In my leisure time I love to travel, enjoy working in my garden and exploring my family roots in genealogy.