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Cllr Martin Loftus

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My wife, Nicky, and I moved into the village in 2011, although I first came to the area when I moved to Kingsmead in 2000, when I took up a position with Airtours Aviation. It was whilst in this role that I met Nicky, who had been a resident of Moulton for many years. After relocating to Sussex, for business reasons in 2006, we were able to return to Hartford five years later. In my younger days, I was a Special Constable for a number of years during which time I was lucky enough to have been formally recognised for dedication to duty and other matters.

We chose to live in Hartford as it allows us to be close to family and because we knew Hartford had successfully retained a "village feel" and had a strong community spirit. Being a very keen golfer, the fact that it is close to such an excellent golf club at Sandiway was, in my eyes, a clear bonus, although Nicky remains unconvinced! I am now Sandiway's organiser of the "Captain's Matches", held against other local clubs.

Shortly after moving to Hartford, despite the very great efforts of Hartford's Joint Action Group, developers were given approval to construct an additional 650 homes within the village. Clearly this decision will have a profound impact on the lives of existing residents and it was not something that we had bargained for when we chose to move into the village. It would be very easy to sit on the side lines and complain about every perceived wrongdoing, whilst doing nothing about them. Rather, I have decided to offer my time and skills to the Parish Council in the hope that, with the assistance of my colleagues, we can maintain the essence of village life for the future.