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About Hartford

Hartford as a Cheshire village can be traced back as far as the Domesday Book of 1086 where it is mentioned as being part of the Barony of Kinderton, held by Gilbert de Venables.

Much of the history and development of the village can be found to have its origins in the local association with salt, and the chemical industry that sprang up to exploit this natural resource. The village is situated on what was the main salt route from Northwich to Chester. Chester Road, which runs through the centre of the village, follows the line of Watling Street, a Roman road.

In 1921 Brunner Mond was the principal landowner, having established a flourishing chemical industry on the back of the natural resources. The company believed in manufacturers' responsibility for the well- being of their employees and built houses for their directors and managers in Hartford in a location upwind of the factories, and associated smells. The directors lived in The Crescent, senior managers in The Grange and middle managers in Walnut Lane.

Hartford Civic Society

Hartford Civic Society was formed in 2003. It is a registered charity whose aims are to help improve the village of Hartford and to help protect its identity. The Society has a hard working committee and lots of non-committee members, who work very closely with Hartford Parish Council on a number of issues.

The Hartford Civic Society website contains interesting articles about the history of Hartford, local walks and information about their projects and activities.